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Mitigating risks for your business while scaling up

About the webinar

While growth is good, expanding your business too fast can come with a bunch of risks. At some point, the systems that once worked for a small business stops working when your team is getting bigger 

When you don't have the right systems and processes in place to assess the risk of customer data being leaked or a way to track company-wide spending, things can go horribly wrong

Join DiviPay and Openly to learn how you can stay in control while expanding your business with tips and best practice from special guest, Marion Hemphill, General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer at Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

What will you learn:

  • What can go wrong when trying to scale your business fast 
  • Best practices for preventing customer data leaks and payment fraud 
  • Tips to help small businesses stay in control while expanding 

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Meet the speakers

Marion Hemphill

General Counsel and Chief Privacy Officer, Australian Red Cross Lifeblood


Jay Gilden




Trent Mclaren

Head of Accounting,


Cale Bulgin

Cale Bulgin

Sales & Partnership Manager, DiviPay